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We are offering Applied Degree Programmes by eduCLaaS. Certificate and Diploma programmes would be introduced later, and they too will be approved and accredited by relevant authorities.
JISC is an Authorised Training Partner (ATP) of eduCLaaS, International subsidiary of Lithan.
Our work-study degree programs deliver Pearson Higher National Qualifications at level 4 & 5 which is equivalent to the first and second year of a university degree.

Pearson is the world’s leading learning company and the UK’s largest qualification awarding body. With the Pearson BTEC HND (Higher National Diploma) award, our diploma graduates will be able to gain direct entry to pursue a top-up degree in over 100 other Pearson accredited international universities. Currently the top-up degrees for Software Engineering and Digital Business are being awarded by leading Commonwealth universities that are recognised by University Grants Commission (UGS) in Sri Lanka
You will need to start with an intensive bootcamp to acquire work ready skills in 12 months with over 2,000 hours of mentoring from industry experts. Thereafter, you will study on average 6 hours every week until you graduate, and majority of your time during the week would be dedicated to internship programme.
This is a unique concept we are introducing to Sri Lanka. Our undergraduates can earn a monthly income from the second year onwards, while being on internship/apprenticeship.
You start your paid internship from the 12th month onwards and you would start earning there onwards until you graduate.
You can complete the program in 4 years.
  • Information for Level 5 Program
  • University website for more details.
  • Information for University Top Up Degree
Yes, we are extremely price-competitive. Plus, we expect that your monthly earning through your internship and apprenticeship will offset your tuition fees.